Grand Opening of the New Palm Springs Animal Shelter







 Hey all, my name is R.E. bertlow I am the owner of Desert Pet Sitters here in the Coachella Valley. I live in South Palm Springs not to far away from where the new animal shelter has opened up   Today was the grand opening of the new Palm Spring animal shelter. I took my e- scooter and met up with my friend Kathie at the celebration. There were many wonderful speakers including our Mayor and the new shelters director Leslie Tisdale among others. I took a tour of the Facility which has both indoor and out door areas for that initial dog visit before you adopt. The cats have a wonderful area up at the front of the shelters entrance were they can lazy around on tower cat beds while waiting to be adopted. This is particularly eye catching as you walk up the front path to the entrance as you can see them through the little cut out windows. It reminded me of a Wexlire house I was at once for a function. You just might find the kitty of your dreams before you even enter the building.   There are more cats to be seen on the inside as well as a wing for kittens as well. As you head out to some of the main animal areas where the dogs are housed you see that they have areas outside that are walled off with closely placed Stainless Steel 4×4′s each having a door at it’s front. This reminded me of the animal shelter in Salinas CA. As they had some thing similar. These walled off areas are designed to allow you do get to know the dog you are thinking about adopting with out all the outside stimulus.   If I didn’t already have three of my own dogs or had a much bigger property I probably would have adopted one. There are plenty of adorable cats and dogs there that need a home One poor guy had been abused and you could see where they had to stitch up the top of his snout. If you haven’t thought about adopting a dog maybe you should. If you have been thinking about it but have been putting it off then here is your chance. If your a family adopting a new dog or cat now is a good time. This way your new pet and you have time to adjust before the holidays get here and you have ample time to get to know each other before it gets busy.   What I love about being a pet owner is that I always have someone to come home to that is happy to see me. If my partner had a rotten day I know my dog will still be excited that I am home after having been out walking dogs or caring for cats. When my partner is gone at work (most of each month up in northern California) he takes two of our dogs with him ( there closest in age and love to play) and one stays here with me. I’d be lost with out him. The companionship of a dog or a cat is a great thing. And you can find that at the new Palm Springs animal shelter.       Here is something to think about. If you rent an apartment, condo or house and can’t have a cat or dog, why not volunteer at the new shelter. This way you get to spend time with dogs and cats either socializing them or walking dogs Check out Friends of the Palm Springs animal shelter to find out about Volunteer opportunities.     So go and check out the new Palm Springs animal shelter. You just might find the companion you have been seeking.   Ciao   R.E. bertlow   (All Rights Reserved © 2011 no part of this column may be reprinted in part or hole without the express written permission or R.E. bertlow)





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