Afternoon at the dog park

Our dogs have a large yard to roam in. They enjoy it very much. Most of the time they just hang out in it and relax. Like all dogs though they need socialization that is more then just the 3 of them playing together. In our house mentioning the words Dog and Park together  is like telling a child you are thinking about going to Disney Land. Just let the “Can we go daddy”, “When are we going daddy’s” begin.

My husband and I realize that socialization for our dogs is very important so we try and take our dogs walking down town or over to the dog park as often as possible.

I love that our dogs are highly socialized. It allows us to have a dogie day care which, for us is another chance to socialize our dogs and, just like going to the dog park or taking them on walks we get to meet some pretty special dogs ourselves which we really enjoy.

Our dogs get very happy when the hear the words Dog and Park in the same sentence let alone next to each other. The closer we get to the D O G  P A R K the louder their singing becomes. By the time we are there the choirs in full swing. Once in the gates of the dog park they are off and running.

Dogs are just different at the dog park. It is a wonderful thing to see them with such happiness written all over their faces and flinging itself from the corners of their mouths with such carefree abandon. I think all dogs smile when they are at the dog park. To them it must be Disney Land and it is a wonderful thing to see.

If you want to  put a smile on your face and feel nothing but pure joy for a while. Take a trip over to the dog park. Even if you don’t have a dog just pick up a ball through it and see what happens. You’ll make some instant friends and it’s a great way to enjoy time with dogs when you live in a place that doesn’t accept pets. The dog park is a unique experience.

Here are some of the wonderful friends  we and our dogs have made at the dog park enjoying the day with them as the enjoy the  Palm Springs dog park.

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