Buddy’s Morning Run

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Morning Sprint home

Buddy’s morning run The Sprint home


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Lucas’ Testimonial

Lucas and Joe Wild Labs at Play






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Bell and Daisy, why they Like dogie day care @ the Dog Pound



Bell and Daisy Chasing the drink

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Surf’n Hound

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Little Roxie Rock N’ Rolla’s Stay @ the Dog Pound

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Roxie Plays Fetch  

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PJFish Sings the Manah Manah Song


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Hang’n@thedogpoundw/Kitty Moving Day




Moving Day.


Hello Darlinksss,

I trust you are staying cool in this summer heat.

Next time you are at Target, WalMart, Lowes, True Value, Home Depot or Big Lot. Pick up one of those plastic kiddy pools and take it on over to your local shelter. When it is hot as it is here in the summer many shelter companions (mostly the canine sort) will sit in them to cool down. These kiddy pools are cheap and can do a lot of good. Just a thought

My friend Lucas is moving soon into his new home. Moving can be a stress event for Pet companions. I wanted to share some tips on ways to keep your pet companions safe and healthy during a move

If you are moving from an apartment to a home or Condo and you have a dog Bring them along to see the house that you have decided to purchase. Show them their new digs and let them sniff around the back yard.(keep them on a leash if the yard isn’t completely secure. This is a chance for Puppers to get comfortable with his new digs. Talk to your dog, use re-assuring happy tones. Get them excited about the new place. Bring them back as often as possible before moving day so they become familiar with the place. If you plan to have them stay in a certain room on moving day, this will give you the chance to get it prepared.

Moving day

Moving day can be extremely stressful to us pets even if we have already been to the new place for a look-see. Before you move your furniture or clothes or any other belongings, the most important thing to move is us your pet companions. For us cat companions you should have us all set up. So that we are nice and comfy darlink’s. Comfy equals not stressed. This means you have us in a safe secure place with food, water, litter box, and scratching post. I would also recommend Cat nip. Ohh darlink’s I just adore cat nip. It’s Grass for cat’s darlink. It make’s every thing much more pleasant. Anywho darlink’s I digress. But you get my point. Keep kitty secure happy and away from the move. Make sure everyone knows to leave kitty be but check on them and spend time with them through out the days move.

Taking care of Puppers’s needs can be a bit more complicated. Some dogs like my friend Lucas are natural pacers and Moves can be very stressful. They want to know and be a part of everything that is going on. They need to have a front row seat. They are happiest when they are your little (or big) navigator. That is fine but you also need to make sure that 1. they are on a leash and restrained while you are driving. 2.When you are loading up Items they need to have a space they can stay in while you load and unload, that is not the vehicle. If you should have to stop and say get gas or snacks they remain secure in their seat as you fill up(when you have your pet with you always try and pay at the pump so you can keep an eye on them.) In the event they do get free you have a long leash to grab onto to catch them.

We run because we are stressed. We run because we are scared. We run because we are confused. We run to try to find our safety.Some dogs are completely stressed by a move. If this is the case with your pet companion then you need to get P uppers squared away first just like you would do with me. Make sure that they have a safe secure place to be while you are moving out of your old place and into your new place. Check in on P uppers and make sure they get plenty of potty breaks. (Unlike me they have not mastered the litter box) Let all your helpers know which room P uppers is in or if we are in the yard so they can make sure to be aware that we are there and keep doors closed so we don’t get out and get lost in the new strange neighborhood.

Remember your excitement is our excitement. Your stress is our stress as well though. Sometimes though we may not like it. It is best for us to be away from the action of the move and that may mean that P uppers stays at a Dogie Day Care like Desert Pet Sitters Dogie Day Care were I live @ The Dog Pound. This way they are in a secure environment free from the stress of the move. If it is a dogies day care they have been to before the familiar surroundings will be of great comfort to your pet and help keep them Stress free.

Here are 6 quick move tips


  1. Always keep our leashes on and our kennels close by when we travel from the old place to the new place if we are not being transported in our kennel.
  2. Talk to us. Use comforting tones to make us feel safe.
  3. Make sure our pad is set up with what we need before you move us.
  4. Did I mention Cat Nip?

5.  And Always be aware of your pets stress level. Some of us can get                           extremely ill from stress.

6. The most important thing you can do to insure our safety it to                                  make  sure that our ID tags and chip are current. I recommend                                using your cell number as the point of contact Number and making                      sure the new address is on record before the move. Here are a few                          of the ID Chip companies for petsHome Again MicorchipID AVID.                          Remember if you don’t update the information it is useless.


4 quick tips to recognize a stressed pet during a move and what should be done


  1. Vomiting. If your dog or cat is vomiting they might be stressed. If you see Puppers eating a lot of grass this probably means his stomach is upset and it could be stress related as well. Call they vet and let them know. So they can help you best resolve the situation.
  2. Diarrhea, If your pet is experience Diarrhea or loose stools it could  again because of moving stress. it is best to run it by a vet.
  3. Lack of apatite.. If your pet companion is not eating as usual it  might be dues to moving stress. Try and find a way to relieve that  stress. Exercise is not only good for the both of you but it can  increase apatite How about a trip to the dog park or maybe some  play time with a cat toy.
  4. Despondent or depressed. Moves can be very depressing to us. We are loosing the Familiarity of our surroundings, (That place we lay in the sun by the window.) and moving to a place don’t know well or yet have never seen before. We end up feeling discombobulated and out of sorts. This all gets very depressing and cause us Pet companions to be a bit despondent. Just Some Me time with you helps a lot. Again talk to us assuage our fears.

Unpacking Stuff and moving in

We are all curious by nature and because of this we can find ourselves in a world of hurt if we are not careful darlink’s. When you move the most important boxes you unload are any with Items that are harmful to us pets You don’t necessarily have to put these Items away first but you do have to be aware of there harmfulness to us pets.

Never leave packed boxes open, Empty any box you open right away so there is no temptation for us to get into them. Some of these boxes contain chemicals in them that can seriously injure, harm or even kill us (what a horrible thought darlink’s my life flashes when I think about it). So make sure that boxes with harmful chemicals are kept out of reach as best as possible until they are put in proper storage.

We need you to spend lots of time with us to help us to adjust to our new place. Again I get back to the Me /You Time. (or as I like to call it Me – eow. time. lol I crack myself up darlink’s) Nothing makes us feel more comfortable then knowing we are secure and loved.

Some of us felines prefer to be a little more solitary and that is okay. If we seem a little clingy during a move know that we just need reassurance. Even the most independent of us can get stressed and need lots of reassurance to feel secure. So Take care to Take Care because we rely on you darlink’s to keep us safe, secure comfy and happy during the move.

Until next time luv, have a safe move and I’ll just be hang’n@thedog pound

P.S. darlink’s, another way to keep your pet safe is with lite collars and leashes from House Of Elton. Especially if you are moving long distance. That way if you get out to walk them and they are seen.

I had a friend who was at a rest stop with their Human companions and if it hadn’t been for his flashing LED collar and leash the driver of the car backing up wouldn’t have seen either of them in the dark.

Sources: Moving Day



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Summertime heat and sheltering the strays

Hang’n@thedogpound with Kitty



Darlinks, Kitty here. And welcome to the dog pound.


has come and with that the Tics and Fleas are a lot more active now.
Here in the desert we don’t have to worry about fleas but elsewhere
fleas can be a very big problem. The best way to keep your pets
protected is with a monthly or semi regular flea and tic protection
like Frontline and others.




Cats don’t hike and have no desire to meet our wild mountain cousins.
We do however understand that our counter parts, Dogs, love to go
hiking Why? I don’t know? For me a nice cool house with a fresh
litter box is what I like best but then that’s just me I’m not really
an outdoor kitty. Anwho, I digress. Summertime in the desert has
temperatures climbing on words of 116 like it did just the other day.

best time of day to take the puppers hiking is Morning. The earlier
the better. Sunrise is a Beautiful time for a hike I am told. Or How
about at dusk around 6 P.M.? Another lovely time Darlinks. Here are
four (4) key things to remember when hiking with your Poochie




  1. Stay on the
    trails, we have a beautiful desert but it can be harmful off trail.


  1. Keep Puppers on
    leash when that’s what the trail ask. Even if off leash walks are aloud
    I would think twice about it. Unless you have a dog that stays right
    near your side, keep them on leash as wondering dogs can not only find
    themselves in trouble but can hurt the deserts Eco-system as well.


    1. Keep them
      Hydrated. There are several different types of portable water bowl and
      bottle sets. Just as our human companions get dehydrated so do we. We
      may not show the signs like Humans do Puppers may just slow down his
      walk pace. This should be of great concern when this happens as
      Heatstroke can be a lot more life threatening to your
      pet then it is to you. Dogs with Shot noses like Pugs and Bulldogs have
      a much higher predisposition towards heatstroke.


      If Poochinella is
      showing signs of heat stroke the best thing you can do is to get him
      cooled down right away then get Pochinee to the vet right away. My rule
      of thumb on heatstroke is the smaller the body the quicker the reaction
      time. Makes sense Doesn’t it Darlink’s?


    1. If you are going
      to walk Poochella at dusk. Remember that the

      sun can go down
      quickly and all of a sudden it is dark and you can’t see Poochie
      Woochie Darlink and that’s not a good thing. The answer is to always
      have either a light that attaches to their collars or better yet a light up collar.
      LED lights are the best because you can see them from farther
      away,(Green LED’s are the brightest.) then non-LED lights. In our house
      each dog has his own light up collar and leash. They are all
      rechargeable right from the computers usb port and have they are all

      These work well
      if you just want to walk Fido and Fida at night ( I hear a great many
      desert dwellers do that in the summertime, Myself I stay inside


last thing about hydration. Many people have pools in there

and those with larger dogs need to remember that while

is O.K. For them to drink from the pool it is better if you

fresh water sources for them inside and out

our home there is water inside in a big bowl and then there are

and a small plastic kiddy pool that is kept filled with

(these have to be cleaned out at least once a week.



new animal shelter will be opening here soon. It is looking good from
the outside. I haven’t seen the inside ( I have no plans) I’ll leave
that to my human companions. I hear though that it will be nice. Here
are something that you can do to be a part of the success of the new
home for the lost and in need of love. 1. become
a friend
of The Palm
Springs Animal Shelter. 2. Donate a small kiddy pool they use them to
keep pets cool. (cost of a kiddy pool 5 bucks or so Life saved
priceless Darlink, priceless.) 3. Volunteer. One of my Human
Companions is going to Volunteer as a dog walker, but there are a
great many volunteer opportunities at the shelter and who know you
just might meet the love of your life,(That is where I found my Human
companions as did two of my Dog brothers.) and how great would that
be Darlink ?!.

time for my cat nap on the chair in the living room near the swamp
cooler in the sun.


next time Darlink’s

safe Keep Cool and Keep Adopting the life you rescue could end up
being your very own Darlink’s






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Hang’n@thedogpound with Kitty 4th of July


Keeping us pets safe on the Fourth Of July




Hello Darlinksss, And Happy Fourth of July my luvs, Kitty here.


I want to talk to everyone about the Fourth of July. While you Humans enjoy the fireworks and gatherings and people, it can be a much different day for your pets. Sadly July 4th rankest as the Number 1 day for losing and run away pets.


One of my dear friends Murphy was rescued a week after the 4th of July. He lived out the rest of his life safe and secure because his Human companions knew what to do to keep him safe on noisy *Holidays like the fourth of July.


While indeed it is great to adopt a pet companion after the fourth of July. It is sad that the ended up lost. Many of us who get frightened and run to try and escape the scary noises end up not making it.

We get confused and then we don’t know which way to run and the next thing you know we find ourselves in the middle of a busy intersection staring down at a set of on coming head lights like a deer. Sorry that’s been a night mare of mine as long as I can remember. But you get my point darlinks


While you humans like to enjoy the day in many different ways. Whether it be a picnic by the beach. A backyard BBQ or watching the Palm Springs Power bat one out of the park, the day usually ends in a gloriously beautiful display of fireworks. Yes they are beautiful to look at (I myself have been mesmerized by the light.) But, as I said the sounds can be Very scary and confusing to us pets. They become something we need to get away from.



Here are some tips for keeping your pet companions safe on this most patriotic and festive day.


If you must go out make sure that we have a safe and secure area to be in.(preferably indoors) put on some soothing music or programing we like to watch (Fishing, HSN) turn the volume loud enough to help minimize outside noises but soft enough that the neighbors won’t complain.


Provide us with toys we can play with if we do get stressed such as favorite anything with catnip in it. A chew for Fido is good too.


Let us have one room that’s all we need keep it simple. A toy a bed water music or t.v. We just need to feel safe and calm.


If you are taking us along (not likely with us cats.)or staying home and having a backyard BBQ engage us. Make us part of the day talk to us. Play with us.


If we become nervous make sure we have a safe place to go to where we can just Chill for a bit. Some of us get claustrophobic and nervous around large groups of people. My friend Lucas is like that.


When the Fire works start make sure we are safe and secure elsewhere or in your laps being petted and held so we feel safe.


Remember we are not unlike you humans in that we get frightened too. The world is a much bigger place to us and a little more scary at time. We rely on you humans to keep us safe and happy so we can be the companions we need to be for you.


If you do take your dog along with you for your celebration make sure that when night fall they are leashed. The sounds could get them running pretty darned fast. It is always good to have some sort of light on them for after dark. Whether it is a light ball that hooks to the collar or a light up collar such as the ones we have here at the House of Elton.


One last tip. If you haven’t had your pet micro chipped Please do. This helps us get back to our human companions if we do get lost. Also keep the information on yourself current so if we do get lost they can return us to you.


Well Darlinks that about wraps it up for now.


Until next time luv, I’ll just be hang’n@thedog pound








    *Chinese New Year is another time of the year when the noises can be very scary



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